Entrepreneurship Education was introduced in Nigerian Institutions, in a bid to eradicate poverty, curtail the high rate of unemployment and empower graduates of Nigeria Tertiary Institutions with suitable employability skills.  The Federal Government through the Ministry of Education made Entrepreneurship development study a compulsory course requirement for graduation. 

Entrepreneurship as a course started in the College of Health Sciences and Technology, Ijero-Ekiti in 2012, in accordance with the policy of the Federal Government of 2007

The Department of Entrepreneurship was established in the College in 2015, the pioneer, head of the Department of Entrepreneurship in the person of Mr Agunbiade Olu, O.P was appointed.

In 2019, the development metamorphosed into the Directorate of Entrepreneurship under the leadership of the sole Administrator Mrs Falore

At the moment, under the leadership of Dr Mrs Ceclia Olajumoke Adebayo, the Directorate is named the Directorate of Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies. The Directorate at present is having many quality products out which are listed below

Sectional Products


All students of the College are expected to participate in both theoretical and practical aspects of the Entrepreneurship Education programme.

Our Entrepreneurship programme is run in both semesters and is compulsory for all students of the College.

The salient objectives of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship Development & Vocational Studies,  Ekiti State College of Health Sciences and Technology, Ijero Ekiti.

  • Providing and offering opportunities for Entrepreneurship Education in the College.
  • Giving entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities within and outside the college environment.
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills in students, members of staff and the people within the environment.
  • Proving supportive programmes to existing entrepreneurs in the community.
  • College graduates would be employers of labour thereby reducing unemployment in our Nation.

Mission  and Vision

The Directorate of Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Studies,  Ekiti State, College of Health Sciences and Technology is to instil in students the entrepreneurial spirit, values skills and techniques to bring about sustainable growth in the economy of our country and also to make our students self-reliant upon graduation. 


Paint Produced by the Directorate
Poultry Product
Weave-on produced by the students’
Weave-on Produced by the Students’
Product of Tile and Dye Section of the Directorate